We Try: YSL Beauty Water Stain Wet Lip Makeup with Lipsticks

Wet lip gloss that looks like a rising trend of the last period is now in a whole new dimension: We try YSL Beauty’s Water Stain lipsticks with the feeling that they don’t exist!

Makeup trends are renewing itself day by day. While we spent all our attention and excitement on liquid matte lipsticks for a long time, now the innovative makeup brands have introduced stain-effect j ink ”lipsticks that are not felt in the lips but also intense. Vernis a Levres Water Stain lipsticks from YSL Beauty are the new keys to wet lip makeup. If you like wet lip gloss that looks wet, these lipsticks are just for you! Now let’s examine these light and glossy lipsticks like water.

YSL Beauty Water Stain Lipsticks

40% of the formulas of these lipsticks, which give a luminous effect as light and bright as water, are really water. It’s so light on the lips, it doesn’t feel its presence. You’re used to having glossy finishes give your lips a sticky feel, but Water Stain lipsticks never have a sticky feel thanks to these special formulas. They have a bright finish, an intense color, and no presence in the lip! They’re like magic.

Although Water Stain lipsticks are so light, the color they give to the lip is also intense. They are in ink structure, in other words, they give the lip a very natural but bright color on the first floor. Thanks to its water-formulated formulas, this effect can be increased as much as desired. It is distributed evenly with its undulating applicator and is easy to apply.

Colors of YSL Beauty Water Stain Lipsticks

Each of the 12 bright YSL Water Stain lipsticks comes in handy colors. These colors, which appeal to everyone who wants to look stunning and impressive in both daily and night makeup, are composed of nude, coral, burgundy, red and pink tones. Now, come together, let’s take a look at our favorites from these 12 colors together!

YSL Beauty Water Stain Lipstick – 612 Rouge Deluge

You can review the product here.

YSL Beauty – Vernis a Levres Water Stain Liquid Lipstick – 612 Rouge Deluge

Both bright and red! What could be more beautiful? Water Stain 612 Rouge Deluge is a must for the most remarkable makeup.

YSL Beauty Water Stain Lipstick – 617 Diva in the Nude

You can review the product here.

YSL Beauty – Vernis a Levres Water Stain Liquid Lipstick – 617 Dive in the Nude

Lip color lipsticks are the saviors of every makeup! The 617 Diva in the Nude, with its bright finish, is a tone that makes your lips look fresh and vibrant in their daily make-up. Throw it in your bag and get out!

YSL Beauty Water Stain Lipstick – 603 In Berry Deep

Plum lipsticks, especially the favorite of night makeup. Water Stain 603 In Berry Deep is a tone that suits every skin tone. Especially cold-tone smoky eye make-up must be tried.

YSL Beauty Water Stain Lipstick – 605 Bain De Corail

The coral shades started to rise with the summer months. Water Stain 605 Bain De Corail gives a romantic and lively effect to the lips and has a harmonious color with bronze make-up.

YSL Beauty Water Stain Lipstick – 610 Nude Underwater

If you want to be like my own lip, but keep it alive and bright, the color you’re looking for is Water Stain 610 Nude Underwater. This color, which always gives the lips a moist effect with its bright finish, is one of our favorites.

YSL Beauty Water Stain Lipstick – 613 Cascade Bordeaux

Let’s come to one of the most assertive colors of Water Stain lipsticks: 613 Cascade Bordeaux is the perfect burgundy! This lipstick that never fluctuates on the lip and gives a very rich color is a candidate to be indispensable for our special day make-up.