Vagina constricting creams and Kegel exercises

Although the vagina aesthetic may seem unnecessary when first thought, it is actually as important as applying it to the face or to a region in our body. Although there is no visible area, the importance of women’s self-confidence is great as it affects their sexual life. Especially after the birth of the vagina, loss of elasticity and expansion of women’s sexual life is becoming a nuisance. So the deteriorating sex life between spouses creates a coldness in relationships that results in even divorces.

Vagina constricting creams and Kegel exercises
Vaginal expansion due to progressive age is an irrepressible condition and deformation, as is the case with the skin.In addition, the vagina is capable of self-cleaning and hosting its own bacteria; it is becoming more open to bacteria and microbes in the world because of its abundance. The risk of developing fungal and bacterial infections increases frequently. The vagina muscles lose their elasticity because of an unpleasant condition such as urinary incontinence is faced. This means that bad smell and constant humidity for the region can impair the health of the region. In addition to this, tight cut trousers, tights or swimwear – bikinis are worn on the outside, even if you feel uncomfortable yourself because you always have to pay attention.

Plastic surgeons who go to every person who has aesthetic concerns can easily overcome this problem. Laser or conventional surgery is not everyone will volunteer, while some of the doctor’s mistakes can lead to mistakes that will not be repaired for life. For this reason, vagina constricting creams, which are sold very often on the market and made from most plant extracts, do not result as quickly as surgery, but you can see the effect in the long term (like 6 months). You can continue your daily life while there are no drugs to be used after the operation. The money you will spend financially is in your pocket. For the vagina constricting creams only regular use and to follow the rules when applying is enough. Depending on the herbal product it contains, you start to see its effect after the first use.

Use during pregnancy is inconvenient in terms of complications that may occur during birth. You will also need to wait until the end of treatment if you have the disease in the uterus, ovary or reproductive region. If you have problems such as a wound or irritation in the vagina, you should first heal them as recommended by the doctor and then use vagina constricting cream.

How To Use Vagina Constricting Creams
It is simple to use and it is necessary to clean and dry the area with water before it is applied. By driving the appropriate amount, you start to feel the effect after waiting for it to be absorbed a bit. Although it is generally said to be 10-15 minutes, it can vary depending on the skin structure. Then you can continue your normal life by wearing your laundry preferably at night cleaning and sweat all day long will ensure that the cream does not combine. Because it is produced for this region, it does not have any side effects. It is recommended that the products be taken from known vendors or pharmacies so that there is no problem in terms of getting results both in terms of Health and in terms of time.

The products restore the lost elasticity of the vagina while at the same time increasing the tension of the vagina muscles regulate. It helps to transform it into its old form, as well as to regulate the natural environment of the region. The natural ingredients found in some creams also act as whitening.

How To Do Kegel Exercise
The kegel exercises, which you will do regularly daily to tighten and strengthen the muscles, are useful in terms of accelerating the process. The most common type is the one that you can repeat even if you are sitting in the day easily; the same way that you squeeze yourself when you come to your urine is that you squeeze it repeatedly. This exercise is necessary when the bladder is empty rather than when you have urine. Other types of exercise are inpatient or in various positions, so you should take time apart. The principle underlying each exercise is to tighten the vagina and uterus.

As we said above, never try to urinate while doing Kegel exercise. The most natural and healthy way to exercise is of course to answer the question of how to narrow the vagina, what are the creams shrinking the vagina or how to do exercises shrinking the vagina. Continuity is very important in Kegel exercises. You should do these exercises for at least 6 months.

The basis of the kegel exercise is the tightening of the vagina. If it is done regularly, the vagina will narrow and your sex life will be more colorful. You can be sure that your partner will enjoy it more if you do vagina shrinking exercises during the relationship.

How To Do Kegel Exercise?
Vaginal muscles work by exercise as a result of the muscles become stronger and this way the muscles are stretched as a result of the vagina narrows.

At first, the muscles of the vagina in a muscular state 2-3 seconds wait, then relax the muscles and repeat this movement again quickly, every day you should make a habit and apply 10-15 times a day. Depending on the movement over time, you will have a more tense vagina as the vagina muscle contractions are performed.

The Benefits Of Exercise Kengel

Now that we have answered the question of how to do Kegel exercise, I want to tell you about the benefits of kegel exercise.;

  • Kadınların idrar kaçırma problemlerinde
  • Hamilelik dönemine hazırlanmada
  • Doğum sonrası vajinanın en durumuna dönmesi için
  • Cinsel doyuma ulaşmak için
  • Cinsel isteksizlik tedavisinde
  • Orgazm fonksiyonlarının sağlanmasında
  • Erken boşalma sorunlarında

With this exercise you can prevent these problems from occurring. The important thing here is to make the movements regularly and continuously.

Urinary incontinence and never forgotten rule to be considered here, sexual aversion, Jun to from sexual intercourse, vaginismus, dyspareunia, such as the exercises you will do will not provide benefits to you if you have major complaints. In such cases, a gynecologist should determine the method of treatment. Remember that kegel exercises are only non-therapeutic exercises with preventative and protective effects.

The vagina is enlarged, does not enjoy the relationship, or urinary incontinence people should be treated and according to the result, vagina constricting surgery or vagina constricting creams should be used under the control of the doctor.