Trend Alert: We tried lipsticks that didn’t feel like lip!

We’ve tried a new generation of liquid matte lipsticks that look like they don’t exist on your lips, but are intensely colored, but you’ll feel like your own!

Liquid matte lipsticks have been indispensable ever since they entered our lives. Matte lipsticks that we went to at the end of each make-up, without changing the season summer and winter, changed their shape and went one step further. Liquid matte lipsticks integrated into the lips, the presence of which cannot be felt and the feeling of disappearance took place in our makeup bags. What lipsticks are we talking about? Rouge Signature liquid matte lipsticks by L’Oréal Paris are the leading characters of this article!

Lips feeling

They have “ink”, so they never make their presence felt on the lip. Feeling a lipstick gibi like your own lip gerçekten is really a very pleasant use. This is the best part of L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature lipsticks: they are very comfortable with their thin and light formulas, they are extremely lasting.

Intense color in one ride

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L’Oréal Paris – Rouge Signature – 115 I Am Worth It

Another beautiful side of L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature liquid matte lipsticks is that they give the lip colors intensely, even though their structures are very light. Available in Nude, pink, red, burgundy and orange tones, these liquid matte lipsticks can be used in both daily and evening make-up. Whether you’re white-skinned or brunette, you can be sure that each of the 12 colors of Rouge Signature lipsticks will suit you. If you want to examine all colors applied, you can check out this article.

Smooth and matte lips

Since the L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature lipsticks are very light in weight, the matte finish gives the lips a smooth feel. This powdery, non-sticky finish that doesn’t look like a dense layer is the same as the bare lips in both sensation and appearance. If you like make no makeup makeup ında in your makeup, these ultra-light liquid matte lipsticks are sure to be your favorite!

Easy version

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L’Oréal Paris – Rouge Signature – 116 I Explore

Here’s how L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature lipsticks were applied. The arrow shaped and slotted applicator makes the version incredibly easy. The amount of product coming to the grooves is enough to color all the lips at once. Thus, there is no need to apply several coats. Thanks to its sharp tip, it makes it easy to draw perfect lines without the need of a lip pencil, especially in dark colors and reds. With this applicator you can apply the darkest color perfectly in a few moves.