Solution To Foot Odor

Causes Of Foot Odor
Foot smell is a condition that makes people feel ashamed, even when they are going to the guest house, which prevents socialization, makes people think about the situation of being ashamed of the people next to you. The smell of feet pulling the weight and weight of the body all day is as natural as the smell of your underarm. Because it has sweat glands located in the groin and under the arm in the feet. As they are exposed to body temperature, mechanical friction, and indoor environment, sweating occurs reluctantly. Even more sweat occurs from any part of the body.

The sweat glands on the ground, which have hair roots, work differently according to the areas that are hairless, such as the feet. The sweat coming out of the hairy area does not cause bacteria to live in it thanks to the properties of the sweat gland here. In the sweat glands of our feet, in other words, there is no feature of eliminating the bacteria that occurs in sweat, but rather provides the appropriate environment for living. While foot sweat occurs due to indoor environment, the reason the body produces it is to balance the body temperature. The sweat produced here is odorless. What actually causes foot odor is not this sweat, but the bacteria, germs and fungi that form in this sweat environment.

What Are The Ways To Remove Foot Odor
There are some important considerations to consider for those looking for solutions to foot odor and to get rid of foot odor. I would like to talk about the natural ways to remove foot odor for solutions to foot odor.

Causes of foot odor

The most important point to remove foot odor is to know the reason. The body’s thirst, excessive consumption of spicy foods, even continuous alcohol consumption can cause foot odor. During periods of hormonal changes such as menopause, adolescence or pregnancy, the increase in sweating can vary from person to person. In general, the increased amount of sweat is complained about. So you can avoid the smell by paying attention to extra foot care during periods of hormonal change. Stress, drugs that increase sweating in the body, some diseases that trigger excessive sweating (diabetes, hypotroid, gout, excessive fatness) due to the proliferation of foot sweat may occur in people with foot odor.

Beware of personal cleansing

In order to prevent foot odor, personal hygiene should be taken into consideration from the beginning. If you are one of those who have to live long hours in the day without taking off your shoes, you should first wash your feet with warm water and dry them thoroughly to relax and remove sweat from your feet. You should make sure your fingers are dry, especially. The bacteria that cause foot odor are known for their love of heat, moisture and darkness. Therefore, your foot should stay as bare as possible and make contact with the air. After cleaning your feet daily, help can be obtained from special powders that remove the smell for the feet.

Failure of nail care is also among the reasons for foot odor. The microbes that enter between the fingernails multiply as they stay in this area. In bacteria that can live sneakily between the cracks of the heel, the feet can also cause foot odor without sweating. Regular cutting of nails, maintenance of cracked heels and removal of dead skins on the feet with pumice stone will restrict the living areas of bacteria and fungi.

Selection of socks against Foot Odor

The synthetic socks that women use cause the sweat on the feet to stay inside constantly. The lack of air circulation is a favorite environment of bacteria. Moisture cannot be removed in any way. In the selection of socks, cotton and sweat pulling preference both provides air circulation and incarcerates the sweat coming out of the body. It is recommended to change the socks every day, to dry well when washed and to use a sun drying method for bacteria to die. Also after washing should be thoroughly rinsed and the detergent should be free of residues. .Detergent can cause eczema and allergies. Watery sores on the feet, at least as much as sweat, play a role in the emergence of foot odor. When washing the face of the face, especially thick sports socks in the rough structure allows deep cleaning. Silver thread socks must be used by people with a standing sweating problem. Thanks to these silver threads, bacteria are unable to provide the living environment.

Shoe selection against Foot Odor

Shoe selection is the most important point for foot health. It is important to have two quality shoes, to wear one on the other day and to dry the moisture in the shoe. It is important that there is no water inside but air circulation from inside to outside so that sweat does not always stay inside the shoe and it builds up the moisture balance. Sneakers made of genuine leather and some special fabric in all these important conditions can be provided.. Unhealthy shoes made with materials such as artificial leather confine foot sweat inside. So he invites the smell of feet. In addition, anti-bacterial sprays into the shoes at the same time deodorizer can be squeezed to prevent bacterial growth. Wearing shoes that are suitable for the season is an element that reduces foot sweating. Winter boots worn especially during the hot summer months are extremely harmful to foot health. To remove moisture from the shoe that occurs daily, a certain amount of carbonate put into the hangover will both eliminate moisture and kill some harmful bacteria. In the morning, you can wear your shoe by shrugging it in a suitable place.

If you have sneakers that you wear frequently, it is very useful to keep them in an antiseptic mixture to kill the bacteria that form inside. Just washing in a washing machine sometimes may not be enough to kill these bacteria.

Precise Solution To Foot Odor
How to get rid of foot odor by trying herbal solution suggestions for foot odor. I will give you a practical solution to the smell of the foot thanks to the suggestions to get rid of the smell of the foot is possible.

Herbal solutions to foot odor suggestions how to prevent foot odor can give those who say effective and precise methods that give results. You can try any herbal method that is suitable for you within the foot odor herbal solution suggestions.

Foot odor herbal solution

  • 1 liter of boiling water, 2 tablespoons dried walnut leaves are added, 8 minutes with the mouth is boiled closed. Drain, pour into the broad-based Basin and place your feet inside. If the water is low, some warm water can be added. You can apply it every day for 1 Week and then download the cure for 3 days a week.In 1 month there is no trace of foot odor. If you keep your feet well, the smell will never occur again. If you have sweating problems, repeat the cure every 6 months.
  • 2 litres of hot water into 200g of red salt is put and mixed. Put it in a basin and let your feet bathe for 30 minutes. It can be applied easily every day.
  • Stir in 500ml water, 2 tbsp powdered ginger. Add 5-6 drops of mint oil, after daily foot cleaning, rest your feet in this water for 10 minutes. If the amount of water is less than 1 liter of water can be added.
  • Peel the husks of Yesil, 5-6 pieces of green, with the help of a knife. Trip for 5-6 minutes on putting it in the basin. A little burning can be felt at first. It should be applied every day for 1 Week, then 2 days a week.
  • Lavender oil, which relaxes people with its pleasant smell, has both antibacterial properties and relaxes the feet. Whether you massage your feet with 2-3 drops of oil, or add 2 liters of water with 3 drops of lavender oil, leave your feet in this sleep for half an hour, you will notice that the smell is removed.
  • Put 2 tbsp carbonate into 2 litres of warm water. Put your feet in the water in the basin for half an hour. After the time is over, dry your fingers and all your feet thoroughly.
  • Manuka honey pith creams are ideal for night use in removing foot odor. After you have cleaned your feet, put a thin cotton sock on it and go to bed. When you get up in the morning, rinse and then dry your feet and continue your daily routine. This anti-bacterial cream prevents the formation of all kinds of bacteria and fungi. Fix problems during the night.
  • 2 litres of water, 1 pinch of sage and 1 pinch of mint are put. Boil for 15 minutes and brew for 15 minutes. After it is drained, it is put in the pelvis. If the water is low, some warm water is added. 20 minutes feet are kept in this water. The cure is completed whether it is rinsed or not.
  • Add a small amount of water over 1 tablespoon of Indian condemnation and 1 tablespoon of salt, turning it into cream. Care should be taken to use wooden spoons when preparing the mixture. In the evening, we spend six feet before bed, finger breaks and all the feet and bags. By wearing socks on it, we ensure it stays warm, increasing its effect and keeping the bags fixed in place. When you get up in the morning, the feet should be thoroughly washed and rinsed. No sign of foot odor in a short time.

Practical Solution To Foot Odor
Home-made simple solution suggestions for those looking for practical solutions to foot odor it is possible to get rid of foot odor. Simple and effective solutions to foot odor;

Carbonate solution to foot odor

Pour enough carbonate into a basin of water and leave your feet in the water for about a minute. Carbonate destroys the bacteria that cause foot odor, providing a precise solution to foot odor. You can try it every day until the foot smell is gone.

Tea that prevents foot odor

Black tea, which contains an amino acid called Tanin, is a form of foot odor. You can pour the remaining black tea on your feet in the teapot. Or you can brew tea for your feet by adding 2 tablespoons of black tea to 1litre boiling water. After waiting 15 minutes for the tea to be brewed, add 2 litres of warm water on it and put it in a basin. Keep your feet regularly in this water for half an hour.

Vinegar against Foot Odor

Panacea apple cider vinegar is also very good at removing foot odor. Mix well with 500ml vinegar and 1 cup warm water. Apply gauze or napkins to your feet again and again as they dry for 15 minutes. Allow to dry before last rinsing. You can take a foot bath with the mixture that you will prepare more than two to one. This way it will be enough to wait 10 minutes.

How To Avoid Foot Odor
I tried to help you with how to smell feet by giving suggestions for solutions to how to smell feet. Do not wear the same shoes every day. You have to give your shoes the importance you give your feet. The smell of shoes causes the smell of feet. Even if you have no faith in changing shoes, changing the sole of the shoe will prevent the smell of the foot.

Foot odor herbal solution. yak odor solution, how to remove foot odor at home, how to prevent foot odor, foot odor by giving practical solution suggestions, I tried to talk about the exact solution ways to foot odor. You can try the effective and natural methods I gave you to get rid of foot odor. You can ask us about the subject by writing in the comments section.