Postpartum Stretch Marks

Cracks that occur in the final stages of the move are temporarily forgotten when you hold your baby.

Cracks that occur in the final stages of the move are temporarily forgotten when you hold your baby. When it comes to the mirror again in time, it is considered how to experience this annoying image. Although there are various aesthetic operations, it is often not desirable to lie under the knife for this. Laser lipolysis or carbon dioxide laser and radiofrequency systems applied by estheticians or dermatologists can also be avoided without surgery.

How do Stretch Marks disappear?
According to your crack density, this bad image has been destroyed in 3 or 4 sessions. The use of natural remedies or cosmetic creams is a valid method for those who have no time and money. Many people say that it is impossible to get rid of the cracks completely by surface methods. observes the disappearance of these traces. This method, which is effective in the long term, also needs some patience. The effect time that can vary from person to person can sometimes create the image that I did not work either. It is very important at this point not to leave applications. In skin areas where there is not enough elasticity; cracks occur due to excessive stresses such as overweight and pregnancy. Hormones and genetic factors also affect this condition.

Abdomen, hips, buttocks are the places where the skin fat tissue is high. The arm may also form around the breast. Those with brown skin color are more likely to experience crack. Low water consumption supports the formation. Dehydrated skin is more susceptible to cracking. Brittle fractures occur. Baby oil or moisturizers used after each shower support the area, where cracks may occur. Doing sports or going for regular massages provides the basis for adequate elasticity by accelerating blood flow to the skin.

Recommendations for Birth Stretch Marks
Cream and mask treatments to be applied when birth cracks are first seen help to stop them from spreading to more areas. Since that region is a weak region, it has been the origin of cracks. Apply especially almond oil every day. Almond oil provides elasticity by nourishing the skin. Prevents the spread of cracks. In addition, a mixture of apricot, centaury and balm oil can be used. After birth, it loses the ones that have emerged by applying to the cracks. Another useful mixture consists of almonds, black seed oils, a pure, acid-free olive oil. It should be applied 3-4 times a week. The mixture of strawberry and sesame oil is said to be very good for the cracks in the abdomen when used every day. The reason why the measurements are not given in the mixtures is that you need to adjust as much as you need in the same proportions.

Recipes for Birth Stretch Marks
If you peel with egg white and brown sugar, you should apply twice a week. Vitamins A and E will add to your skin will provide support. You can wash the peeling after you dry.

Lemon and coffee peels will provide both renewal and softening effects to the skin. Remove the mixture by blading in the shower.

Aloe Vera Mask

You can use the aloe vera mask, which you can store in the refrigerator. After waiting for 1 hour, clean the mixture by washing in the shower.

The Mask That Eliminates Birth Stretch Marks

Put the scales in a 2-cup container. These are cocoa butter, apricot oil, almond oil, glycerin. The others are a single measure (Linseed oil, olive oil, St. John’s wort and black seed oil). Massage to the cracked place after waiting for 1 hour to make sure to clean in the shower. Suitable for everyday use.

Skin Stretching and Eliminating Stretch Marks

Women are very satisfied and the forums often mentioned in the mask; Mix 2 parts of sesame, walnut and almond oil with 1 part of violet oil. It is recommended to peel or peel before each application, as recommended before making any mask. The mixture mixed with the massage should be cleaned in the shower.

Another famous mask is the cucumber mask. This mask consists of half a cup of apple juice, 1 cucumber, 1 cup of rice flour, 1 soup of olive oil and 2 sprigs of primrose, and the trick is to make the skin rest every day for 1 week. Powdered primrose is mixed with apple juice and olive oil. On the other side, half of the cucumber is cooked without flour for 10 minutes over a fire. It is often mixed with other materials. The skin is waited for half an hour. Apply 1 week every day and let the skin rest for 1 week.

Mix 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, 2 teaspoons of jasmine oil, half coffee cup of almond oil, 1 coffee cup of oregano and orange oil. You can use this mixture, which works especially in the leg and basin area, every day.

If you want to use cosmetic or medical creams are some of the most effective;

The Lierac brand is known to be particularly preferred by pregnant women. It is especially desirable because of its rapid absorption and odorless properties.

Contractubex gel is a drug sold in the pharmacy. It is very effective in passing all scars on the body. Refreshes tissues. With daily use it is known that cracks disappear between 3 and 6 months.

Bio gel is a panacea, but also very successful in losing scars. There is no harm in daily use. It is important that the skin is clean. You can also get rid of your cracks in 6 months with regular use.

Bepanthen cream; Everyone knows that the benefits are numerous. If you start to use it regularly during pregnancy, you can prevent it even before your cracks occur. Passing superficial cracks is also quite ambitious.

Medicasol cream; This cream has a restorative effect and is known to be good for all kinds of skin damage. It should be applied to exfoliating skin.

Dermadoc; is known for being both a cosmetic and a medical product. The price is a bit expensive, but you’ll see the impact quickly. The fact that the cracks that make a color difference convert this effect to your own skin color is the feature that is not found in other creams.