Most Popular Maybelline New York Lipsticks

We enter the most energetic and colorful times of the year! In the spring, we put together Maybelline New York’s most popular lipsticks for luminosity and full of color and energy!

The spring has energized us since the day it first started to make itself felt. We have officially counted the days to put aside the cold tones of winter and switch to vibrant tones! Luckily, the weather was hot, the coats were on the shelf and we left ourselves in the arms of spring. In this article, we’ve put together the most popular Maybelline New York lipsticks to reflect the energy of spring!

A bright, dazzling orange

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Maybelline New York – Color Sensational Shine Compulsion Lipstick – 80 Arousing Orange

Energetic colors come to the forefront in makeup. Especially orange lipsticks, the constant color of our spring make-up. So we recommend orange lipstick 80 Arousing Orange. These glossy finish lipsticks are also very useful because they moisturize the lips. We recommend you try this spring.

It’s time for the fuchsia tones!

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Maybelline New York – Color Sensational Made All Lipstick – 379 Fuchsia For Me

Inspired by newly blooming flowers in spring, we offer you a perfect lipstick color: Fuchsia! Fuchsia lipsticks, although difficult to sound as a color, you will see how much you will look when you find a tone that suits your skin color. If you want a fuchsia lipstick suggestion that can reflect the full spring of spring, you can try the 379 Fuchsia from Maybelline New York’s Color Sensational Made For All. Tested in more than 50 skin tones, each color of this lipstick range suits everyone, every skin color. You can browse to see all the colors of Made For All lipsticks and how they look.

Natural tone of tile

Tile lipsticks are the favorite of all seasons, but they look good in the spring. When you wear a floral, flighty dress, you can look great with a tile-colored lipstick. 117 Ground-Breaker from the City Edition range of Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink lipsticks is a tile tone that suits both day and night make-up. Matte Ink liquid matte lipsticks with super matte finishes, durability of up to 16 hours and intense colors are truly addictive!

Must Have Red

We cannot give up red lipsticks in any season, no makeup style! Of course, red lipsticks as a color that will make a vivid spring makeup attractive at a time are very attractive in this season. If you have a prejudice like “Red lipstick doesn’t suit me, imiz we have a red lipstick that will radically change your mind: 382 Red for Me made from All lipsticks, a red shade to suit everyone. Whether you’re white-skinned or brunette, this red is 100% good for you.

Special for Nude addicts

If you’re going to nude lipsticks with every makeup, it’s time to leave those dark shades behind in winter! We have a nude lipstick to suit the sunny days of spring: Maybelline New York Color Sensational You should try the 983 Beige Babe from Matte Nudes. Full lip color, this lipstick will look great in daily makeup, as well as night make-up will be a great choice to bring your eyes to the fore.