Mask for Blackheads

Mask for black spots; The presence of many black spots on the face causes a dirty

Mask for black spots; The presence of many black spots on the face causes a dirty and neglected look on the face. When trying to cover the foundation superficially, black spots close to the surface continue to be seen and the porosity remains clear. In general, black spots are most commonly seen in people with oily skin type. Oils accumulated in pores are seen more prominently over time as skin cleansing is not done regularly. Black spots are most commonly seen around the nose and forehead. If you have black spots on your skin, you should definitely clean your skin regularly to get rid of black spots and apply mask recipes for black spots.

To get rid of blackheads, you can use blackheads, blackheads, or blackheads and homemade ones. Making black masks at home is very easy and practical as well as very effective methods. Before I talk about the blackhead remover mask and blackhead removal methods at home, I will give you information about why blackheads are formed and then give you recipes for blackheads.

Why Black Spots Remove

The reason for the formation of black dots; It is the change of skin oil balance due to various factors. It is that the skin produces excess oil. Among the reasons triggering excess oil production; hormone change, various medications, stress, edible very oily meals, heavy make-up and skin materials that do not suit your skin type are quite effective. Due to this lubrication, the pores become open so that the skin can breathe and remove excess oil from the substrate. Dead skin on the surface of the skin penetrates through these open pores as the skin is not regularly cleaned or peeled. Other substances that can enter open pores; non-purified foundation or make-up and airborne dirt. When these are combined with the oil produced by the skin, clogging occurs in these pores. The self-reactive oil and the substances that cause clogging of the pores become a stopper in the form of blackheads.

The formation of black spots is inevitable in oily skin. Therefore, it is necessary to balance the skin with oil first. Eating corn is a less known method of reducing porosity in the skin. Eating corn on non-canned fresh cobs should be preferred. After a while you will notice that your skin is smooth and non-porous.

Before applying the blackhead masks, you must be free of daily dirt from your skin. If possible, after the shower or after a steam bath to make a mask to open the pores of the mask material allows full penetration of the skin.

Blackhead Remover Mask
I will give you recipes for blackheads and try to offer you a definite solution. Among the blackhead masks, the masks that I recommend are the most used and effective ones.

Black mask with black spots

Black mask: It is a chemical-free, deep-cleansing method in the black mask made with activated carbon used in the food industry as well as vegetable gelatin and food used in pastry making and pastry. Transfer these materials or you can make it easy on the internet. For making the mask; Half a cup of water in the coffee pot, 3 tablespoons of vegetable gelatin is placed on low heat and heated on the stove. Powdered activated carbon 2 heaping teaspoons are placed on the stove. After mixing, it is applied to the skin when it is warm enough to not burn your skin on our hands. Using T-glove for driving to your T zone will help you riding. If the application is made in the form of thin layer, it can hurt when pulling off the mask. If there is a thick layer, the mask remains soft and black spots remain on the skin. Make sure that the mask you wear does not come to the cheeks and muscles. It takes the small peach feathers on the face and makes waxing effect on the hairs. After having been held in the problem area for 10-15 minutes, it is pulled out by hand. Not recommended for sensitive skin. You can clean your skin with your own face wash gel, tonic and moisturizer.

Another black mask made of activated carbon consists of green clay and hot water. Half a tablespoon of activated carbon is added to 1 tablespoon of green clay and 1 tablespoon of hot water. Mix thoroughly and apply with a brush. The percentage is dried, then peeled off. Cold water is washed behind. It is applied 1-2 times a week.

To make the black mask, mix the same amount of activated carbon and non-toxic white glue thoroughly. Apply to the entire face with a brush. After waiting 10 minutes, peel off the skin.

Blackhead Mask Homemade
The blackhead mask is known as the blackhead masks that give effective results to homemade ones. In order to get rid of black spots at home is the blackhead mask recipes;

Turkish Coffee for Blackheads

Coconut oil – Turkish coffee: After melting half a cup of coconut oil in mari style, we add and mix half a cup of Turkish coffee. To prevent the coconut oil from solidifying again, the mask is applied to the skin with the help of circular movements without cooling. After waiting for 5 minutes on the skin, you can wash your face with cold water. It can be done once a week. You can freeze and store the remaining mixture in ice molds.

Egg White Mask for Blackheads

Egg whites mask: 1 whisk the egg whites with a fork and apply to your skin with a brush. Keep on your skin for a maximum of 30 minutes and a minimum of 15 minutes. Turn a napkin into tiny pieces and stick it on the dots where black dots are intense, especially on the nose, chin and forehead. Then you apply a layer of egg whites on the napkins glued with a brush and you expect them to solidify on your face. This is at least 15 minutes. If your black dots are close to the surface, pull the napkin away from your skin and you will see black dots coming under it. If your blackheads are deep, keep your cleansed skin vapors so that your pores are fully opened. Helps egg whites go deeper. The egg whites remove all the oil from the skin. In order to maintain the moisture of normal and dry skin, you can also complete the deep moistening by applying the egg yolk to the skin after this mask. For oily skin, there is no need to moisturize it because it will absorb excess oil.

Clay Mask for Blackheads

White clay mask: 2 teaspoons of white water is gradually added to the rose water. When the cream consistency is added 10 drops of tea tree oil. After applying to the whole skin is left for 15 minutes. Peel off the skin. Then rinse with cold, daily maintenance is done.

Another mask made with white clay is made with aloe vera and any of your favorite essential oils (lavender, rose or lemon oil). 2 teaspoons bushel, 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel, 1 teaspoon pure water and a few drops of any oil is added. Mix well. It is applied with a brush and left for 10 minutes. Rinse with hot water. It should be done twice a month.

Blackhead Removal at Home
I want to continue our topic by giving you easy recipes and cures to clean the blackheads. Natural methods for blackheads will help you a lot.

White glue that cleans blackheads

White glue: You apply the white glue to the T area as neither thin nor thick. You pull out the glue that becomes transparent when it dries. You should then immediately wipe off the cleaned pores with a tonic.

Easy mask for black spots

Cinnamon oatmeal: Add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and 1 teaspoon of oatmeal to a small amount of hot water on top of the dense paste. It is applied to your skin with the help of circular movements by massaging for 1 minute. Although cinnamon has a slight burning sensation, this effect will disappear when you wash your skin. Do not apply this more than twice a month.

Vaseline with black spots

Vaseline: After showering, we apply petroleum jelly to the well-opened pores and black spot. We cover it with stretch film. We apply the towel heated with iron or hot water by putting it on the stretch film and pressing it until it cools. When cleaning the vaseline with the help of tissue paper you will notice the black dots. Vaseline disrupts the chemistry of blackheads. It is applied 1-2 times a month.

Toothpaste to pass Blackheads

Toothpaste: Mix with a pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon of mint toothpaste with your finger and make a homogeneous mixture. T area, 4-5 minutes after waiting, is washed with cold water. Tonic is applied to tighten the pores cleaned. Care is completed with moisturizer.

Mixture of black spots

Sugar – olive oil – vanilla: Mix one-fourth of a cup of white granulated sugar with the same amount of brown sugar. Add half a cup of olive oil. Add 1 tablespoon of honey and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and mix until homogenous. After applying it on black spots, leave for 5 minutes. Then rinse with cold water. Make this mask once a week. You can store the excess mixture at room temperature and reuse.

Lemon against black dots

Lemon juice – baby powder: 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 4 teaspoons baby powder is added. Apply to your T area and wait until it dries. Peel it off your face. Rinse with cold water.

Lemon: After washing 2 small lemons, put them in the milk pot and boil the lemons with their shells. When it starts to boil, we cut down and infuse for 10 minutes. We take the lemons from the saucepan and pass them through the blender without water. Put in any container and cool in the refrigerator. Since it becomes solid cream in the refrigerator, we spread it over the napkin and cover it over the problem area. After 1 hour of freezing on the skin, you slowly pull away from your face.

Blackhead Mask Homemade
When the blackhead mask is homemade, it will not harm your skin and will not harm the skin as it is a natural method. Other than mask recipes for blackheads, other methods that pass blackheads are;

Blackhead remover soap

Making blackhead remover soap: 1 tablespoon rice flour, 1 tablespoon ground chickpeas, 1 tablespoon ground oatmeal, 1 tablespoon milk powder, 1 bottle of mineral water is put into a bowl and mixed thoroughly. First, the steam bath on the skin, this soap with a circular motion for a few minutes massage by pressing lightly.

Carbonate mask for black spots

Carbonate – apple cider vinegar: Put an equal amount of carbonate and apple cider vinegar into a paste. Apply to fingers with blackheads. Allow to dry for 20 minutes, then clean with warm water. Do not forget to apply moisturizer immediately behind.

Carbonate – honey – salt: mix one tablespoon of carbonate and honey, 2 tablespoons of salt thoroughly. Apply on black dots and wait 5 minutes. Rinse your skin with warm water.

Effective solution against blackheads

Salicylic acid: Salicylic acid is the most effective method of removing blackheads and excess oil. Because salicylic affects the source of the problem, that is, the fat layer, drying the excess oil and allowing the pores to crumble. It is very useful to use products containing this substance, or apply it directly to your face and wash after waiting for 3-4 minutes.

Hydrogen peroxide: hydrogen peroxide disrupts the chemistry of black spots just like salicylic acid. All you need to do is apply hydrogen peroxide to your clean skin with the help of cotton. It is necessary to mix equal amounts of water and hydrogen peroxide before use.

Suna Dumankaya Blackhead Mask
Beauty and skin care specialist Suna Dumankaya black dot mask recipes I want to give. It is possible to get rid of the black dots by simply doing it at home.

Honey and milk with black spots passing

Honey – milk: The same amount of honey and milk you put in a container I mari-style heating. When you say with your finger and the mixture is at a temperature that you will not burn, rub your T tip with your fingertip and place the furry sides of the round make-up cotton that you split into two on the place where you apply the mixture. Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes. When the waiting time is over, remove the cotton and rinse your skin with cold water.

Honey and cinnamon mask on black spots

Honey – cinnamon: Mix one tablespoon of honey and cinnamon and apply them to the area where your black spots are intense. Cover with cotton. After 3 minutes, remove the cotton. Wash your face with cold water.

Natural Methods for Blackheads
I’ve tried to give you mask recommendations and effective methods for blackheads. Since blackhead masks are homemade, each one is natural and healthy. It is known that black spots are caused by dirt that is not cleaned from the skin pores and dirt. In order to get rid of black spots, skin cleaning should be done regularly. The easiest and most effective method is to wash the face regularly. It is also very important to use skin cleansing lotion as well as applying blackhead masks. If your skin is too oily, wipe your face periodically with wet wipes during the day to purify the skin from excess oil.

Steam bath before applying blackhead masks will make blackheads more comfortable and easier to remove. When the homemade blackhead mask is best suited, it is usually after the shower that the skin is very clean. As the black spots on the skin soften, they are easier to remove.

I have tried to give you information about the mask recipes for blackheads. You can share the mask you tried by writing to the comments section. You can also ask us about the natural methods for blackheads and homemade blackhead masks in the comments section.