Lipstick Colors and Numbers

We brought together the lipstick colors and numbers we used fondly! You can find the most popular lipstick suggestions of our time in this article!

The most important thing we look for when looking for a lipstick proposal is what is the color and number of lipstick. It is sometimes very difficult to learn the colors and names of lipsticks that we like to see in Instagram. That’s why we wanted to make a lipstick guide as editors of Makyajcom and bring together the colors and numbers of lipstick we love. We hope these lipstick suggestions and names of lipstick colors will help!

Brown Lipstick Colors and Numbers

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L’Oréal Paris – Les Chocolats Liquid Matte Lipstick – 852 Box of Chocolates

Brown lipsticks are among the most popular makeup trends in 2019. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we have officially returned to the 90s this season. If you’re calling, listen to us! Here are the brown lipsticks and tricks we like to use:

L’Oréal Paris’s Les Chocolats ultra liquid matte lipsticks are one of the most beautiful brown matte lipsticks of recent times. Les Chocolats Volupto Choco, a warm-tone brown, is number 862. Also the number one of our favorites, the brown nude-tone Les Chocolats Box of Chocolates, number 852. You should definitely try these two brown matte lipsticks!

Orange Lipstick Colors and Numbers

Orange lipsticks are one of our favorites with their energetic effects, especially in spring. We’ll offer you some orange lipstick in this guide. The orange lipstick colors and numbers we used fondly are as follows;

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Shine Compulsion lipstick is an energetic orange Arousing Orange lipstick number 80. These lipsticks with bright finish and high color effect also moisturize the lip. Find all the details you need!

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Maybelline New York – Super Stay Matte Ink City Edition – 117 Ground-Breaker

Another orange lipstick is the 117 Ground-Breaker from the City Edition series of Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink lipsticks, a perfect orange matte tone! If you haven’t tried these liquid lipsticks with a lasting, super matte finish for up to 16 hours, you’re missing a lot!

Purple Lipstick Colors and Numbers

Purple lipsticks are the tones that we use for both day and night make-up. If you think “Purple lipstick isn’t going to me, imiz we have a lipstick for you to change your mind. We offer a wonderful purple lipstick color from Maybelline New York’s Color Sensational Made For All lipstick collection, which is universal in all shades: 388 Plum For Me. After you try, you’il give us the rights!

Let’s suggest a purple matte lipstick: Loodie Paris’s matte Voodoo, a striking purple hue from the Color Riche Matte Addiction series, which is haunting us with mindset, is the official star of remarkable makeup!

Red Lipstick Colors and Numbers

Red lipsticks are indispensable for most of us’s makeup bags. a truly blessing. Here are our best red lipstick suggestions, colors and numbers as follows:

Our first suggestion is to those who prejudge red lipstick. The days when you don’t think red lipstick suits you, it’s all over. 382 Made For All lipsticks Red For Me is a red matte lipstick that suits every skin color with its universal tone.

Our other suggestion is a glossy red lipstick. One of NYX Professional Makeup’s Slip Tease Full Color Lip Oil liquid lipsticks, Red Queen is an amazing eye-catcher. If you like bright red lipsticks, you should try it.

Nude Lipstick Colors and Numbers

Nude lipsticks are one of the most popular lipstick colors because they can easily be combined with any makeup. Both day and night, the colors and numbers of nude lipsticks that fit all kinds of eye makeup without risking are as follows:

One of the most popular Maybelline lipsticks is Color Sensational 986 Melted Chocolate, 630 Velvet Beige and 745 Wooden Brown. We recommend you not to miss these lipsticks from your makeup bag that easily adjusts to every skin tone.

L’Oréal Paris Color Riche If you want a dry matte nude lipstick, you will love 640 Erotique from Matte Addiction.