How Is The Eyelash Extended?

Having your own long and voluminous eyelashes allows you to complete your make-up with a headlamp or pencil that you will only rub into your eye without the need to wear mascara. You don’t even have to wear makeup with beautiful eyelashes. You always look nice and well maintained. While sometimes life chances with long lashes as a duty of Allah, those who do not can create their own chances themselves. So even if you do not apply certain cures, you can get beautiful and long eyelashes. Some important tricks to note should not be ignored. How to extend the eyelash, to answer all you’re looking for about herbal cures to extend the eyelash;

Natural Eyelash Extension Methods

  • At the beginning of the lash care to be done superficially; it is necessary to brush the lashes. It accelerates blood flow by stimulating the eyelash bottoms. So the job of self-feeding accelerates. The two-sided part of the brow brushes is ideal for brushing your lashes with plastic gear. It should be done from the bottom out in one direction. You will feel while doing that massage provides the effect. Five minutes will suffice for the eyelashes in each eye. In addition, circular massage with your fingertips will function the same.
  • Using keratin-containing preservatives and feeders sold to feed lashes is an effective way to make care. While eyelash removal has no effect, it helps to lengthen and protect what happened.
  • Nutrition; eyelashes, hair and eyebrows are very important for health. Vitamin E is the most important ingredient in this regard. Biotin, A and B vitamins play a helpful role. Sunflower seeds, peanuts, nuts, spinach, fish, tomatoes, olives, almonds, soy, carrots, bananas, powdered cayenne pepper, butter, eggs, brown bread are among the main foods that can be considered to consume.
  • The best known natural product for feeding eyelashes since ancient times is almond oil. In terms of the high vitamin E it contains, you start to see its effect in a few days. Apply almond oil by dripping a cotton circular massage will be enough to rub the bottom of the eyelash. Sweet almond oil can stay in your lash bottoms on days when you don’t make up. Warm water will suffice if you want to clean.
  • Olive oil is among the natural products that can be used in terms of beauty and health potion for centuries. It contains medicinal compounds and vitamin E that play a role in eyelash beautification. Acid-free and organic is important both for not burning your eye and for feeding your eyelashes from bottom to end. You can apply it by dripping or by cotton swab of the ear bar. After 10 minutes, wash with warm water.
  • Vaseline, an oil product, is the most important product for healthy eyelashes. In-depth feeding and extension is guaranteed. Before you go to sleep at night, just rub it on the eyelash bottoms, spread it out with a brush and crawl for a few minutes. No need to rinse. It is self-absorbed by the eyelash. The humidification feature works continuously. So you get results in less time.
  • Another eyelash-extending oil is Indian Oil. It contains unsaturated fats, vitamin E, minerals used in skin, hair, brow and eyelash care. Preferably, it is recommended to drive before bed. It is important to stay in your eyelashes for long hours, not to disturb you by not flowing. Be careful not to be missed. Otherwise you may experience blurring in sight. In such cases, wash with cold water and clean immediately with the help of a tissue paper. Doing it every day ensures quick results. If you do not want to keep in your eye for a long time when you care, massage your eyelash bottoms and eat them. After waiting half an hour, stop with warm water.
  • Another formula that extends the eyelash is Yesil Sagittarius. If you consume daily, drink Yesil tea at the bottom of your cup, you can apply it to your eyelash bottoms by sucking it into a cotton ball. By not throwing the tea bag, putting it on your eyes as warm again makes it function the same. You will also be able to do all your skin care around the eyes.
  • It is a mixture of one teaspoon Turkish coffee, one teaspoon black tea and half a cup of water, which you can easily store in the refrigerator and use for a long time. Put all this in a pot and bring to a boil. Place in a jar, straining with the help of cheesecloth. With the help of ear-cleaning cotton and eyelash brush, feed on the bottoms and all your lashes. There is no need to rinse after use. It will be enough to wait for it to dry. Only the color of tea and coffee can be transmitted to your custody. You can clean the infected with a cotton or handkerchief.
  • Lip creams used to keep lips from cracking during winter feed by moisturizing your lashes. It may be at your disposal at any time in terms of the content of Vaseline and vitamin E and its ease of administration.
  • Eyebrow and eyelash serums sold in pharmacies may not be good for your eye health in terms of the chemicals they contain. Allergic reactions and various unwillingness can have consequences. Therefore, choosing herbal methods is always beneficial in terms of not seeing side effects. As there are healing methods from nature, it will be good for both your pocket and your health in terms of providing benefits as well as not being harmed.

It is important to be gentle on the eyelashes when using cures and caring.. The Rimel should be cleaned and treated. The removal of mascara without tugging or pressing; it is necessary in terms of the reduction of the eyelashes due to not breaking the use of mascara every day, because it damages the structure of the eyelashes 2 days a week by resting the air bottom and eyelash hairs should not be ignored in terms of air. Water-free rimels are difficult to clean and must be made use of oil-based eye cleaners. Lash curlers and heating apparatus should be avoided. These break the eyelashes, preventing them from elongating.