How is hand and Foot Care done?

How is it performed in hand and Foot Care?
How should hand and Foot Care be done? What should be considered in hand and foot care?

Hand and foot care is especially important for 90% of women. Especially hand care is very important to the ladies. Of course, hand, foot care is very important in men.
But women care more about it.

Hand, toenails to be resistant to free radicals and to look beautiful in terms of appearance needs to be taken great care of their care. Continuous in summer
pedicure should be given great importance in order to have groomed feet and nails in the sandals worn. Pedicure is suitable to be done once every 4 weeks at normal times.
But it is recommended to do it every 3 weeks in the summer as the feet need more care in the summer. So what time should I do a “pedicure” ””
to the question. This question is usually answered by experts” long and warm water to be taken immediately after a shower is done.” Suggesting that it should be done after the shower
the most important reason is that before pedicure, hands, nails need to be kept in soapy water for a while.

Foot Care [Pedicure]
Experts stress that in the summer, in order to have groomed feet, nails in sandals of choice instead of continuous footwear, the pedicure needs to be given great and distinct importance.
One of the points emphasized by experts in foot pedicure is that immediately after cleaning the nail thoroughly, the feet, nails are kept in soapy water for a while.
Experts say the time to soak in this soapy water is 10 minutes. Another method of having healthy and well-maintained nails is not to cut them from the bottom of the nails.
The biggest reason for this is that nails are not infected in places such as the sea and the beach. Another thing experts say about nail cutting is that nails aren’t round,
that it should be cut straight. The nails should not be cut from the bottom of the meat, especially for quick elongation of the experts stressed, otherwise the nail may get an infection
says. Other points that experts emphasize with importance regarding foot care are:

  • Massage or get your feet done
  • Rest your sore, sore wrists in warm water.
  • Immediately after the foot pedicure is over, rub care cream all over your feet.

Experts say people who walk a lot during the day should definitely rest their feet;

“Fill a basin or bucket with warm or hot water, add salt water to allow it to Melt. Rest your feet in this water for 15 minutes.”

Hand, foot and nail care for a few methods you can do on your own at home;

  • Put olive oil in a bowl before going to bed at night. Leave your hands in that container for 10 minutes before going to bed.
  • Put sesame oil and lemon in a bowl. After thoroughly stirring, rub this mixture well into your nails. This mixture will strengthen your nails.
    Pour sesame and nana oil and some powder into a warm water and rub your legs and feet thoroughly with this mixture.

Healthy and well-maintained days…