How to Care for Chest and Decollete?

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Breast and Decollete Care
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Mask Recipes for Breast and Decollete Care
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What makes a woman sexy and glamorous is undoubtedly the face and décolleté. Bile is immediately noticeable in a night wear or a shirt worn during the day. At any age, I have a smooth and spotless complexion and I’m proud of it.

Breast and Decollete Care

While you already have it at a young age, it is in your own hands to have this dazzling skin when you age. Women feel the effects of aging mostly on décolleté and facial areas. The skin structure covering this area is thinner than the skin structure in other regions and is more susceptible to environmental influences. Our face, neck and especially low-cut clothing that is worn during the summer months will cause this area to be exposed to the sun continuously. Everyone knows by heart the harmful effects of the sun.

The sun, which used to be friendly in the past, scorches our skin and causes sunburn. If burns penetrate deeper skin layers, they leave permanent marks and blemishes on the skin. If more superficial burns are treated without moistening, the skin structure of an elderly person is obtained due to fractures in the skin at an early age. It is very easy to prevent this… It protects you from the marks, stains or painful burns that you will carry for a lifetime with the sun protectors you will use for the face. Breast and décolleté care starts from here with a variety of methods you can apply for a long time you can not get enough of the image provides.

What You Need to Know About Breast Care

Daily moisturizing creams, an indispensable care product for your face, even if you use it regularly in the décolleté area, you will collect the fruit of it in the future. Creams for the chest and décolleté are the shortest way to achieve a flawless appearance. Under the jaw, low-cut, also known for the content of these creams used for the chest area caviar.

Green tea creams are more affordable for sensitive skin and also available at prices. When applying creams to this area, while circular movements have a revitalizing effect, hard movements or massage patterns should not be avoided. Applying cold water after bathing helps keep this area alive.

Strengthening the back and neck muscles for women with large breasts prevents pain due to sagging and muscle weakness in older ages. Swimming, movements that strengthen the arm muscles, working with dumbbells even pick up the breasts that are just starting to sag. The use of the correct bra that supports our chest and prevents fatigue of the sling muscles should be considered. Strap muscles do not flex, the weight of the right to control the weight is the key to sagging breasts. The bra should not be removed even when doing sports. He must be careful not to sleep on his face at night. The upright position should be maintained while sitting on the chair.

It is well known by the ladies that the breasts that succumb to gravity have been improved by aesthetic operations. Those who are afraid of surgeries or those who cannot make it use various masks to help them recover without falling down to the knees completely. In the world of cosmetics, there are firming, erecting, gathering masks and creams. The various materials found in our house at the same time in nature do exactly the same. The most commonly used natural mask is structured with lemon.

Mask Recipes for Breast and Decollete Care

Lemon juice mask

Half a liter of water, 1 tablespoon sea salt, half of the lemon juice mix. Apply to the décolleté and the chest area in a circular motion. Allow to dry thoroughly for 20 minutes, then clean with body lotion.

If you want to tighten the skin, you should use fenugreek oil.

Fenugreek oil cure

Apply 10 drops of fenugreek oil, 1 capsule of vitamin E, 1 egg white and half a cup of yogurt and massage the mixture. After waiting 30 minutes, clean with cold water. Once a week, you will have a smooth decollete thanks to this cure.

Fenugreek powder cure

Mix 1 tablespoon fenugreek powder with water until it reaches a paste-like consistency, rinse with warm water 5-10 minutes after applying this recipe only to the chest area. It should be applied twice a week for quick results.

Egg curing

Beat 1 egg white in the mixer until the foam is foam. Apply 30 minutes to the chest and décolleté. Massage at the same time while purifying with cucumber juice. Rinse with cold water. Even the first time you will feel the tense skin texture.

Olive oil massage

Massage a small amount of olive oil in the palm of your hand with top-down movements. Repeat these movements 3 or 4 times a week for 15 minutes. You won’t even believe your skin’s smoothness and brightness, but also tightening.

You can use not only olive oil but also almond, avocado, argan and jojoba oils.

Potato juice mask

For the mask you can apply every night, pass 2 potatoes through the blender and remove the juice. Apply with massage before going to bed. soak overnight. Morning wash with warm water. This formula that straightens the chest is both very easy and very fast.

Avakodo mask

The plumping of your breasts will also make this mask peeling and you will also purify the dead deep.

  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1 Tea cup of white clay
  • 3 tablespoons chamomile oil
  • 1 teaspoon of anise oil

We take the avocados rough with the help of a spoon. After adding our oils, we add clay to the mixture. Dough consistency from the décolleté to the chest region. When dry, wash and clean with cold water. It cleans the lines of the décolleté and it is very good for superficial stains.

Honey mask

Honey is an extremely important material in terms of nourishing the skin and removing its various deficiencies. Regular use of this mask to remove wrinkles in the décolleté will give you amazing results.

  • 1 egg white
  • 2 teaspoons corn starch
  • 2 teaspoons of honey

Mix the ingredients to get a paste-like consistency and wait for 20 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water. You can repeat twice a week until wrinkles are removed.

Always remove this area from dirt and oil before using the mask.

Chest massage you will do yourself by relieving the muscles carrying the chest, prevents sagging in the long term. You should use your left hand when massaging your right breast and your right hand when massaging your left breast. Lay on a flat surface. Starting from the bottom of your chest, make large circles around the chest and push it towards the muscles that carry the chest. Continue to massage by circling in the opposite direction. Don’t forget to make your moves under your arm. You only need to make one 5 minutes a day and the other 5 minutes a day. In addition, the use of one of the above-mentioned useful oils will facilitate your movements at the same time will beautify your skin.