Fashion Trends of Spring: Chocolate Shades

The weather slowly started to warm up and the excitement of spring surrounded us! As we researched the fashion trends of this spring, we wanted to share with you the most delicious trend: chocolate tones!

Brown lipstick trend, one of the most popular among them, is expanding its effect to our outfits this spring. Brown and nude tones, both makeup and clothes in the foreground. Inspired by chocolate tones, we found every piece of chocolate trend together in this perfect spring boutique, which was prepared in collaboration with TrendyolMilla and L’Oréal Paris Les Chocolats!

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Chocolate delight

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L’Oréal Paris – Les Chocolats – 862 Volupto Choco – Trendyol

Which one of us could say “no!” Luckily this spring, chocolate shades everywhere. This warm brown shade is one of the most hit pieces of this season. And when you combine this jumpsuit with 862 Volupto Choco, you will have the pleasure of chocolate. Volupto Choco’s mind-brewing chocolate fragrance is the most important point of this combination!

Not without pink!

Whatever you say chocolate is best, we call it strawberries! It is even true that pink chocolates are also addictive. So pale pinks are an integral part of the chocolate trend. One of the favorite trends of this spring is knitwear crop balls and pencil skirts. If you say which lipstick is combined with this sugar pink combination, our answer is: L’Oréal Paris Les Chocolats 842 Candy Man! With its pink matt finish, this ultra-matte finish will stay intact all day!

One dose of cocoa

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L’Oréal Paris – Les Chocolats – 848 Dose of Cocoa – Trendyol

One of the most popular fashion trends this spring and summer season is the striped linen in brown tones. These tones and the natural harmony of linen make you feel the real dose of chocolate. You can combine these shades, shirts and jumpsuits with L’Oréal Paris Les Chocolats 848 Dose of Cocoa!

Cinnamon sticks

Warm cinnamon tones are the most popular colors of this season. If we consider the increasing popularity of jumpsuits, this combined L’Oréal Paris 860 Ginger Bomb liquid matte lipstick makes everything look flawless. These lipsticks, which open our appetite thanks to the incredible chocolate smell, look very cool with their ultra matte finishes.

Box of chocolates

Let’s come to the features of chocolate that makes people happy: Imagine that you have a box of chocolate in your lap right now, which one would you choose first? If you say that all the chocolates make me happy without ever noticing, this spring is your color milk chocolate! One of the trends of this spring is L’Oréal Paris Les Chocolats 852 Box Of Chocolats should be combined with liquid matte lipstick with long shirts printed with slogan printed on the back!

Appetizing red

Think of a chocolate filled with raspberries, you’ve got your mouth watered, right? L’Oréal Paris Les Chocolats ultra matte liquid lipstick 864 Tasty Ruby has the same effect. Now that you know how popular this appetizing red shade is in this season, both in clothes and make-up, it’s time to use the duo for night or special day combinations!