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Launched in 29/07/2019, skinbeauty.site aims to provide people with useful information and help in skin care.

skinbeauty.site members find answers to the questions and aims to share women’s knowledge of skin care and beauty issues.

Topics you can find on our site. skin, skin care, skin diseases, makeup, hair removal, hand and foot care, slimming, diet, skin masks and everything about women.

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The Articles in skinbeauty.site is not a Doctor’s Advice; They are natural and personal recipes for information purposes and may not have the same effect on all persons. The use of the recipes is the responsibility of the individual and the problems that may arise from the application of these recipes can not be held responsible for the family skinbeauty.site.

Masks in skinbeauty In some cases, the person to increase the ingredients to increase the effect of the person, shorten the recommended time intervals or increase the duration of the mixture in the skin and allergic reaction to natural ingredients in the recipe; May cause adverse effects, Redness and burns, Fatigue and allergic reactions. Due to such circumstances, and the authors in the skinbeauty.site can not be held responsible.

IMPORTANT: 6 hours before attempting masks and cures Mixture should be prepared and 2-3% should be applied to the skin and should be waited for half an hour. If the skin structure reacts to this mixture, the mixture should not be tested.

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